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Sistema AntiDDos

Mensaje por Troka el Vie Abr 01, 2011 6:28 pm

Buenas pues aqui les vengo a compartir este pequeño sistema que evita los ataques Ddos a quien no lo sepa estos ataques
son enviados desde varias partes del mundo a la vez llenando de visitas o bien bots, tu pagina web y asi tirandola, hackeandola
o haciendo lo que quieran con ella bueno aqui les dejo el codigo es en php. saludos!!


CHMOD /iplog/ to 777
Create and CHMOD /iplog/iplogfile.dat to 666
add the following line in any important .php file in the same directory as your anti_dos.php file so it can check IPs when that file is loaded, best example is index.php if you have it.
include("anti_dos.php"); //anti-DoS, prevents rapid accessing

if you have a known cookie on your site,
you can use this, otherwise just ignore this, it will set a different limit
for people with this cookie

I use yourothercookie as the cookie ID for the forum, my forum uses ID
greater than 0 for all members and -1 for guests and members who have logged out,
so making it match greater than zero means members will get better access and
guests with or without cookies won't

Also I use these cookies in the "flood alert" emails to make sure an important user didn't get banned. Someone could fake a cookie, so always be suspicious. Tez
$cookie = $_COOKIE['yourcookie'];
$othercookie = $_COOKIE['yourothercookie'];

if($cookie && $othercookie > 0) $iptime = 20;  // Minimum number of seconds between visits for users with certain cookie
else $iptime = 10; // Minimum number of seconds between visits for everyone else

$ippenalty = 60; // Seconds before visitor is allowed back

if($cookie && $othercookie > 0)$ipmaxvisit = 30; // Maximum visits, per $iptime segment
else $ipmaxvisit = 20; // Maximum visits per $iptime segment

$iplogdir = "./iplog/";
$iplogfile = "iplog.dat";

$ipfile = substr(md5($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]), -2);
$oldtime = 0;
if (file_exists($iplogdir.$ipfile)) $oldtime = filemtime($iplogdir.$ipfile);

$time = time();
if ($oldtime < $time) $oldtime = $time;
$newtime = $oldtime + $iptime;

if ($newtime >= $time + $iptime*$ipmaxvisit)
touch($iplogdir.$ipfile, $time + $iptime*($ipmaxvisit-1) + $ippenalty);
$oldref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];
header("HTTP/1.0 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable");
header("Connection: close");
header("Content-Type: text/html");
echo "<html><body bgcolor=#999999 text=#ffffff link=#ffff00>
<font face='Verdana, Arial'><p><b>
<h1>Temporary Access Denial</h1>Too many quick page views by your IP address (more than ".$ipmaxvisit." visits within ".$iptime." seconds).</b>
echo "<br />Please wait ".$ippenalty." seconds and reload.</p></font></body></html>";
touch($iplogdir.$iplogfile); //create if not existing
$fp = fopen($iplogdir.$iplogfile, "a");
$yourdomain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
  if ($fp)
  $useragent = "<unknown user agent>";
  if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"])) $useragent = $_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"];
  fputs($fp, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]." ".date("d/m/Y H:i:s")." ".$useragent."\n");
  $yourdomain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

  //the @ symbol before @mail means 'supress errors' so you wont see errors on the page if email fails.
if($_SESSION['reportedflood'] < 1 && ($newtime < $time + $iptime + $iptime*$ipmaxvisit))
  @mail('flood_alert@'.$yourdomain, 'site flooded by '.$cookie.' '
  .$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],'http://'.$yourdomain.' rapid website access flood occured and ban for IP '.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].' at http://'.$yourdomain.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].' from '.$oldref.' agent '.$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].' '
  .$cookie.' '.$othercookie, "From: ".$yourdomain."\n");
  $_SESSION['reportedflood'] = 1;
else $_SESSION['reportedflood'] = 0;

//echo("loaded ".$cookie.$iplogdir.$iplogfile.$ipfile.$newtime);
touch($iplogdir.$ipfile, $newtime); //this just updates the IP file access date or creates a new file if it doesn't exist in /iplog

El código no es mio, desconosco de quien sea. pero es eficaz saludos!!!

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Re: Sistema AntiDDos

Mensaje por 46U571N el Sáb Abr 02, 2011 12:22 am

xD buen aporte men, esta buena para los foros o paginas

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